The solen toilet

Once upon a time there was a hero ond his friend Elvis. The two of them lived in a log cabin on the top of a big and high mountain. The prospect from the mountain was so beautiful.
The here thought that he was born for one reason - To improve the world and stop all crime. His friend Elivs didn´t had any destiny.
- My life is everything but not a destiny! he always say.

One day when they come home from Los Angeles were they have stopped a fight beetwen Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, it lay a toilet in Elvis cot.
- Oh my god, I think that this mayby could be a good evidence for a crime, said the Hero.
- Do you think that we can retrieve the owner of the toilet or find the thiefe? asked Elvis.
- Yes I think så my friend, so let the party get started!

The hero and Elvis went to the very smart owl for some advice. The owl lived in a very big tree one mile from thiers log cabin. It was sunshine outside and it was very hot. The hero had a pink and yellow cap and Elvis wear a purpel sweater, and very colourfull shoes. When they came to the owl they explain what has happening and the owl said:
- I think that you maybe would ask all people around here if they miss a toilet, and then you would look for more evidence. that is my advice. But remember - Don´t blame any innocent!

The hero and Elvis went down the mountain and asking around, byt noone missed a toilet and noonehad seen any different or wierd in the town. On the evening when they was home and Elvis would take a shower he say to the hero:
- Have you seen our toilet? It its gone.
The hero run into the bathroom and say:
- Hey, who had stolen our toilet?
- Wait a minute, wasn´t it a toilet on my cot? Elivs say
- Oh now I remember, the plumber was here today!
And so was the mistery with the toilet gone, and it all ending well.

HAHAHAHA! Jag dör, svindålig engelska, och världens sämsta story! Liksom jag skrev om ett fall som hade passat i Dr. Mugg! Vilken humor och fantasi jag har. Jag log faktiskt lite för mig själv när jag skrev hela grejen på engelska lektionen idag! Vilken författare jag är...


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